November 13, 2017


About Us

Company Overview

Paint Express supplies customers with quality paint and painproducts, and offers additional services including estimationand bill of material calculation, painting and minor renovatingprofessional paint mixing and much more. Their service is what sets them apart.

The company was founded by Hanschen Cleophas-Lateganalongside her husband, Wilfred Lategan. Paint Express services clients from the residential, industrial and corporatsectors, as well as providing painting and renovating solutionto local and regional Government departments. They are Level One BBBEE company.

Key People

Hanschen Lategan-Cleophas is the General Manager, handlinthe marketing and financial aspects of the business, includinquality control. Her husband, Wilfred Cleophas, is the SaleManager, handling the day- to- day operations of the company.

Together, they have over 36 years experience in the retail anpaint industry.

Paint Express has a skilled work force who are dedicated twhat they do. The team believes in continuous growth animproving themselves for the benefit of their company and thcommunity at large.

Company Reach

Paint Express main service area is Vredenburg and thsurrounding towns of Saldanha, Langebaan, PaternosterHopefield, Velddrif and St Helena Bay.

Other towns further afield where they operate include ElandsbayPiketberg, Lambertsbay and Cape Town.